Safepal S1 hardware wallet

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Safepal S1 2023 (New)

SafePal company changes the packaging of its products every two years, users always receive products with high battery life and new firmware.  From January 1, 2023, SafePal company will offer its products with new, modern and different packaging. 

It should be noted that KuwaitSafePal Group, as the official and exclusive representative of SafePal Company in Kuwait, only release the products of this company on its website.
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Safepal S1 hardware wallet is a new generation of hardware wallets in the world of cryptocurrency, which was introduced as the first product of SafePal company in 2019.  SafePal also holds the title of the first and only hardware wallet manufacturer that Binance has invested in.

SafePal is:

The world's first 100% offline hardware wallet

 The first hardware wallet with a dedicated chip.

 The first hardware wallet with camera to read barcodes and avoid common mistakes.

The first hardware wallet with a color display.

 The first hardware wallet with self-destruct mechanism

It’s worth mentioning this wallet is the first one with the ability to convert currencies in different networks in the wallet itself.



January 2018 was the start of SafePal’s story. At a time when the only well known hardware wallets were Trezor and Ledger, Ms. Veronica Wong believed that crypto would be the future of the world, and considering the digital nature of this field, it is important .Digital asset holding such as hardware wallets with fast growth of this industry different type of products are very primitive, slow and unimaginative.





Buying the site, the most valuable and reliable site in the world of digital currencies, having the position of the most important and the first digital currency exchange was the most important thing CZ, the CEO of Binance Company, have done in the world of crypto.




This goal was achieved with a heavy investment on the SafePal company,  the ambitious idea of this company was having a wallet that can meet all the needs of users.


The small and unknown company, SafePal, by using the heavy and endless fund of Binance and using the knowledge and experience of Binance's technical team, was able to become the most reliable and large producer of hardware wallets in the world in two years.




Features of SafePal hardware wallet

Hundred percent offline device completes security (without connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cable, etc.)



support for big amounts of blockchain networks among all hardware wallets (more than 48 different blockchains)


supporting the biggest number of tokens among all hardware wallets (more than 50,000 tokens)



•1.3 inch colored IPS screen

• Dedicated EAL 5 + Secure Element chipset

 •powerful 400 mAh lithium-ion battery
•Complete and regular updates

• IOS and Android version
•Support for more than seventeen languages in the world
•Type-C charging port (USBC)

•economical price
User friendly(the highest score of users among all software and hardware wallets)

•storing, sending and receiving NFT on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Near and Solana networks.

•display the price and status of currencies in the wallet directly
(current price, transaction volume of each currency, the change in the last 24 hours)

•buying and selling currencies through the wallet in the Binance app without the need for any interface (only for authenticated accoun

and decentralized exchanges without the need for authentication in the MARKET section of the wallet

communication with the most reliable decentralized exchanges directly through the wallet in the DAPPS section of exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Curve, UniSwap, BiSwap, Compound, Ave, BakerySwap, Venus, 1inch, MDEX, SushSwap, Refinable, PinkSale, Baby Doge Swap,  Wombex Finance, DODO, Autofarm, OPenOcean, Bunny, Belt, OpenOcean Farm, MOBOX, Yieldwaatch, BurgerSwap, AnySwap, BSCSwap, JulSwap, Helmet, Acryptos, Unrekt, BoringDAo, Goose Finance, Ulti Arena, Baby Swap, MiningTycoon.

direct communication with the tools needed in the crypto world from within the wallet itself and without using any external interface or site, tools such as
 Coinmarketcap, CoinGecho, Debank, Yieldwatch, Defistation, Certik, Unrkt, NFTGO, Hecoin, NFTSCAN ...

 And it is also possible to use the explorer of different networks in the wallet itself without the need to use any other sites and tools, networks such as Bscscan, Etherscan, Polygonscan, Tronscan, Solscan, Ftmscan...

SWAP (exchange) of different currencies even in different networks using different providers, it should be noted that this exchange is done completely automatically.

using the Earn profit pool in the SafePal wallet

  In this section, there are pools with available conditions and tokens with different profit percentages that can use any of these pools to earn profit from currencies . Pools like BNB-SFP, BSW, BSW-BNB, CAKE-BNB, BANANA, BANANA-BNB, BNB-BUSD and ETH.

IPS stands for In-plane Switching and is considered one of the most advanced TFT LCD technologies.  This screen usually has a good pressure resistance and provides users with a wide view. In other words , this panel was made to fix the weaknesses of the screens before it and solved problems such as viewing angles and limited color display.



Buy digital currencies using a bank card or other payment methods through the SafePal wallet.  Of course, buying with global bank cards (Mastercard, Visa card, etc.) is not available for Iranians due to global sanctions.

Safe bridge is the safest way to send and receive digital currencies.


With SafePal wallet, convert your currencies to other currencies without taking them out of the wallet and complete your portfolio.  Trade Swap Cross Chain or Bridge Tokens in the Binance App.

Stay up to date with the market by tracking real-time cryptocurrency prices in your SafePal wallet.



Share your crypto assets in SafePal wallet mining pools without the need for intermediary DApps and earn the highest profit rate.  Calculating total profit by eliminating per-transaction fees and the ability to use compound interest to maximize your profit.



We know that privacy is the most important principle to maintain security of assets. That's why we don't store any account security information, including private keys or initial phrases. When it comes to your accounts and data, you control your fund completely.




Have the most popular decentralized dapps on different blockchain networks in one place and directly, in your wallet Buy, sell, convert and invest with decentralized dapps all directly in the wallet.



Have the most popular decentralized dapps on different blockchain networks in one place and directly in your wallet Buy, sell, convert and invest with decentralized dapps all directly in the wallet.



Offering new NFTs, buying and selling NFTs, managing your NFTs collection all with one click in the safepool wallet.  Like DeFi assets, the SafePal wallet allows you to see any NFT from any network, all at once and on one platform.



Safe Pool Recorder supports the largest number of blockchains and digital currencies among all hardware wallets in the world



Manage your software and hardware wallets with one app


Supporting all you need to manage your digital account.



More than 50,000+ coins and tokens are supported and this number is increasing every day.




Enjoy the simple use of the most secure cold wallet in the world. SafePal S1 is the only investment hardware wallet backed by Binance, the safest place to protect your assets. Scan SafePal software app with your S1 device and transfer your coins offline.

Dimensions 86mm x 54mm x 6mm
Weight 120gr
material compact plastic
battery Lithium battery, 400 mAh capacity
Button 6
Processor Dedicated processor with EAL 5+ standard
series number SP S1 2023
charging port USBC
Android version
iOS version
Supported currencies More than 50,000 coins and tokens
Supported blockchains More than 48 blockchain networks
Voltage detection security sensor
Unauthorized access sensor
Frequency filter sensor
Light sensor
Frequency sensor
temperature sensor
RAM Data encryptionً
Two-step encryption
BUS Data encryption
AES Algorithm module
DES Algorithm module

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