Why SafePal hardware wallet is the safest digital wallet in the world


The SafePal S1 hardware wallet uses a dual-architecture system to enhance security, unlike other hardware wallets. It employs two dedicated hardware chips, which separate sensitive security information from commercial and public data. This is the most complex and secure method for safeguarding hardware wallets in the world and is exclusive to SafePal.

This method includes an independent and specialized encryption chip in each S1 hardware device, with the sole purpose of protecting private keys.


In this section, we will examine the security features of the SafePal S1 hardware wallet:

• Customized chip with EAL5+ technology

• Multiple security sensors

• Self-destruct mechanism

• Other important security designs


Customized chip with EAL5+ technology

In the technology world, standards have been established to determine the security status of chips so that users and manufacturers can have a clear view of their device's security status. The security level of chips is determined based on the EAL standard. The number following these words indicates the security level of the chip used in your device or technology.

EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) is a standard that has been in place since 1999 and has seven standards ranging from EAL1 to EAL7. All of these standards indicate that the chip or technology is encrypted and secure. These standards are widely used in the financial industry. Many common financial tools have an EAL2 rating, while more stringent and extensive industries use higher standards. The most notable examples are the chips used in MasterCard and Visa credit cards, which use EAL4+ technology.

Unlike other hardware wallet manufacturers, SafePal did not use a general-purpose chip for the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. Instead, it utilized a customized chip with an EAL5+ standard. EAL5+ is the highest security standard used in all hardware wallets, and it has been implemented in the SafePal S1 hardware wallet.

Multiple security sensors

In addition to the and dedicated chip, SafePal also uses multiple separate security sensors in the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. Each of these sensors has been employed for security reasons. Today, with new technology, it is impossible to access information through hardware hacking with this level of encryption, and it is predicted that access to such encrypted data will not be possible for years to come. However, SafePal has thought about the worst-case scenarios in the future by using specialized and double-encrypted chips with the highest security standard. In addition to all of this, by using multiple security sensors, it has closed all loopholes for any unauthorized intrusion into the hardware system. If any of these sensors detect an unauthorized attacker attempting to access the information system inside the hardware wallet, they will automatically erase all security data.

Other important security designs

SafePal has implemented other important security designs in the SafePal S1 hardware wallet, including a password-protected login system, a tamper-proof coating, and more. All of these features combined make the SafePal S1 hardware wallet the safest digital wallet in the world.

Unauthorized access sensor to the chip:

This sensor automatically erases all hardware wallet's chip security data in case it detects any external action attempting to read encrypted data from the chip.

High and low voltage detection module:

To counteract fault injection attacks such as voltage attacks or extreme temperature attacks, this module is embedded in the hardware wallet to protect the hardware and battery against non-standard voltages.


High and low-frequency detection module:

To counteract frequency and electromagnetic attacks, some hacking systems use frequencies that cause electronic components to malfunction. SafePal S1 hardware wallet uses a high and low-frequency detection module to protect against these types of attacks.

Frequency filter:

To protect and filter unnatural frequencies.

Light sensor:

This sensor automatically erases all RAM data and enters a protective mode if it detects light (which happens when the device is opened). This means that no access to the main chip's data is allowed for reading, writing, or recovery. This is why SafePal hardware wallets are not repairable, and the warranty means replacing the hardware wallet with a new one. Any group claiming to be a hardware wallet repairer is undoubtedly a fraudster and a scammer.

Puls sensor:

This sensor is used in very secure and sensitive devices and tools to detect abnormal pulse signals caused by attacks. SafePal has used this sensor in its S1 hardware wallet.

Temperature sensor:

This sensor is used to detect abnormal temperatures caused by electronic attacks. This type of attack is not used for hardware wallets and these types of chips in general. However, SafePal has considered using a temperature protection sensor in the S1 hardware wallet for this type of attack.

Sensor connected to the metal shield:

This shield acts as a security shield to detect electromagnetic attacks when an attacker tries to open or remove the chip. It will erase the information inside the chip in case an attacker tries to open or remove the chip.

Self-destruction mechanism

SafePal S1 is protected by specialized security sensors and modules, and each of these sensors and modules executes the main chip's data erasure mechanism to leave no trace for hackers. If the data is erased, don't worry. Your assets are still safe on the blockchain network, and you can recover them with your recovery phrase.

In summary, SafePal S1 hardware wallet is the safest digital wallet in the world because it uses a dual-architecture system with two dedicated hardware chips, a customized chip with EAL5+ technology, multiple security sensors, a self-destruct mechanism, and other important security designs.

Other important security measures:


RAM protection:

In the SafePal wallet, the information stored in the device's RAM is encrypted using complex and multi-stage encryption, which is the most advanced form of encryption in the world of financial technology and is not used in any other hardware wallet. Although the information inside RAM is not considered as important security information, SafePal encrypts the data inside RAM in a dual and advanced manner due to its sensitivity to security issues.

BUS encryption:

Encryption of internal data, including AHB (Advanced High-performance Bus) and APB (Advanced Peripheral Bus). This encryption is used to protect data against intrusion attacks and unauthorized access through the bus.

Identity verification and algorithm protection:

It includes the DES algorithm module and the AES algorithm module, which are embedded in the SafePal hardware wallet to prevent non-invasive side-channel attacks.